3.2. Slide Definition

The drawing starts with defining the slide name, dimensions and background.

This must be the first statement in the definition file. File may contain more than one slide definition.

Formats can be concatenated with '+', e.g. tiff+jpg+pdf.

Note that is the file megapixel size is too large to be placed in jpeg or png, the operation will fail silently (but the tiff is still created if ordered).

PDF files are automatically paginated. The current pagination is determined by the attributes.

    slide (Name,X,Y,Format,bColor,pageX,pageY,pageDPI)

        Name - slide name

        X - number of horizontal pixels

        Y - number of vertical pixels

        Format (optional) - jpg, png, tif, pdf, etc. PNG is a default. Concatenation with + sign, no spaces.

        bColor (optional) - background colour in ARGB format, e.g. FFFFFFFF - white. White is a default.

        pageX (optional) - page size for PDF generation only. 21.59 cm (Legal) is a default.

        pageY (optional) - page size for PDF generation only. 27.94 cm (Legal) is a default.

        pageDPI (optional) - page DPI for PDF generation only. 250 is a default. 

The following example generates png and pdf files


    # Example 1.

    # Creates an empty slide in formats png and pdf

    # The pdf is set to A4 paper size at 75 dpi


    slide (Example_01, 200, 300, png+pdf)

        bColor = FFAA00AA

        pageX = 21.00

        pageY = 29.70

        pageDPI = 75

The resulting image is like this: