Geoscience Links



Crain's Petrophysical Handbook. An outstanding source of knowledge in all aspects of petrophysics. Most importantly, all the computations are illustrated in a scripting language. Highly recommended.

Ong LW's Site. Includes software utilities for some petrophysical computations. Recommended.

ASTO Geophysical Consulting. An independent, Australian owned company, ASTO provides data consulting (DC), data processing and interpretation (DPI) services to both Australian and International Oil & Gas and Mining companies. Highly Recommended.

Notepad++ Home. The best text editor ever. Works marvels for both the programming and the oilfield ACSII files. Always wondered how to fix that damaged LAS without jumping through the hoops? What is inside that mysterious Techlog XML? This is a must-have for any operating petrophysicist.

Engauge Digitizer. Website dedicated to on-screen digitizer software.

SEGPY. A set of SEG-Y libraries in Python.

Crude Oil Peak. Another Peak Oil monitoring site and information exchange.





Programming Links



The Official Python Site. Note that the code samples on this site are in Python 2.7 and not 3.x. Personally I have no objections to Python 3.x, but Schlumberger Techlog is still using Python 2.7. The conversion (at least at the level of the Geoscience scripting) is trivial. The documentation for the 2.7 is here.

The Code Project. Totally stumped? Want to make it better/faster/smarter/[continue the list]? This is the source of programming wisdom. Highly Recommended.

W3SCHOOLS.COM. A very useful reference to the web publishing technologies. The HTML and the CSS reference is practically essential. Recommended.

The Codeless Code. Talking about the real programming wisdom. Look here. No Python and no Sharps. Just kooans!




Personal Links

Just the personal interests, nothing to do with Petrophysics (well, maybe)


Brothers Reunited. The website for the former and the current Schlumberger employees.

The Official Arduino Website. The microprocessors for the rest of us.

The Official Netduino Website. Same as Arduino, but on steroids. Caution: C# inside.

The Official Raspberry Pi Website. A share of Raspberry Pi will not make you fat! It will not empty your pockets either. About a size of a cigarette pack, $35, and runs Linux as the big boys do. The Python comes standard.

NMRCI Crawlers. Just a hobby, really. Building RC crawlers and robots. See our videos on Youtube.






New species in Codelets Zoo!


Updated the SlideComposer on-line help.


PETRONODE website undergoes a major facelift, using Python and Flask.


Completed chapters 17 - 20 of Limits to Limits.


Added chapters 13 - 16 of Limits to Limits.


Updated Course Synopses.


Added chapters 11 and 12 of Limits to Limits.


Published first 10 chapters of Limits to Limits.