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Software features

SlideComposer allows production of large-scale prints and wall "montages".


Supported TIFF files


The drawing is based on TIFF format, as described, for example, in AWare manual. The TIFF implementation in PETRONODE is independent of any third-party libraries and provided under GPL. PETRONODE supports TIFF files of up to 4Gb in size. Because each pixel requires 4 bytes, the total graphics size is up to 1 Gigapixel, or (for a square file) slightly over than 31600 x 31600 pixels. With graphics resolution of 300 dpi, this is 105x105 inches / 2675x2675 mm wall plot. A standard fan-fold 8.5" plot at 300 dpi could be 392100 pixel / 108.9 feet / 33.2 metres long. It goes without saying that your hard drive must be large enough to accommodate the resulting files.


Supported PNG and JPEG files


Smaller TIFF files can be converted to PNG and/or JPEG, in order to save space and accommodate the standard graphics file readers. Note the PNG conversion preserves the file information, while JPEG is "lossy" and will lose the features upon conversion. The current limitation for the conversion depends on the Microsoft implementation of the graphics libraries. Files of roughly 64000x64000 size are supported, depending on your operating system.


Supported PDF files


TIFF files can be converted to page-by-page PDF files, in order accommodate the standard readers. Note the PDF encapsulates graphics as JPEG so the conversion is "lossy" by definition. The implementation of PDF in PETRONODE is independent of any third party libraries and provided under GPL.