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CLI Operation

Describes the command line interface (CLI)


The command line for Petronode.SlideComposer.exe operates as following:


If the SlideComposer is called without parameters, it restores the last status (if the definition file is still available).



If the SlideComposer is called with one, two or three parameters, it presumes that the first parameter is a name of the definition file, and two following parameters are the names of the input and output directories correspondingly. The SlideComposer starts in interactive mode.


If the SlideComposer is called with three parameters and a key, it presumes the parameters as above. The Slide composer starts in silent (background) mode and continues until the processing is completed.


The example of the command-line invocation is available here.


Considerations for extra-large file generation.

If one of the file's dimensions exceeds 64000 pixels, the generation of png, jpeg, and other such formats with compression is not possible. This is due to the limitations of the corresponding formats in Windows (you would not be able to read such files in a viewer anyway). Two types of files can be generated: TIFF and page-by-page PDF. The graphics generation is performed on disk, in a dedicated _SWAP.TIFF file rather than on-memory, in order to eliminate the system swap invocation. The _SWAP.TIFF file is placed in the destination directory and deleted upon the operation's completion. The same directory will also contain temporary JPEG files for the PDF creation (if ordered).


Download definition file.